My new glasses. Firmoo is pretty great.

Hey have some real talk for a minute. I’m super picky when it comes to doing reviews on a product on my blog. I’ve been asked a lot and turn down 95% of them. I’m not going to review a product that I wouldn’t buy myself. I look at a couple things, quality of the product, price, and what they will give my readers.  So here is one product that I found (or actually found me) that I wish I could tell everyone about.

No one likes to talk about it and I’m not trying to get political around these parts but when I got a divorce I found myself for the first time ever without health insurance. And I don’t know if you know but my eye site is horrible. So right before the divorce was final I got in every doctors apt that I could, I including the eye doctor. I ordered contacts and glasses.


Probably two months after that my wonderful daughter who was 2 at the time, takes my glasses and snaps them in two. She was trying to put them on herself. It happened so fast it took me a minute to realize what happened.
And after that moment I went three years without a pair of glasses. On days my sinuses acted up, I just had to deal with my burning contacts because I can’t do my daily tasks without them. A new pair of glasses would close me $100 or more with lenses without insurance.  I know there’s so many people out there that are in the same boat and that’s why I chose to review this product. I believe that this website could really help a lot of people out there who really need it.


Firmoo contacted me to review their glasses. I got on the website and was amazed at the prices and for prescription too! There was so many cute styles and I thought their had to be a catch somewhere.  I ended up choosing a plain black and white pair so they would go with all of my outfits. (But if you get on the website check out the really cute teal ones.)

You can get a pair of prescription glasses for under $30. That’s just crazy to me.
You customize everything as well. The distance between your eyes, the lenses, ect. When they arrived in the mail I was really excited to find the cute case they came in.

I feel like with these glasses they make such a statement that I feel good wearing them with absolutely no makeup. And that’s a big deal for me.

I’ve had them for about a month now. I wanted to wear them often before the review so I could do it honestly. And honestly,  I love them. The don’t hurt my nose, they don’t hurt my ears, they don’t give me headaches. And they have a 50% sale going on so you can get glasses as low at $10!

There’s a few things that I wish were in style when I was I’m high school that would have made my life easier. High wasted pants, the curve revolution,  and black framed glasses. I think I was just a little before my time. 

Anyway, if you know anyone in the position I was in or someone who just needs a new cute pair of glasses, I highly advise you to check out

Quality, comfort, cheap, and really cute. The company was great to work with as well.

Rainy Day Activites and Recipes


rainy thumbIMG_1207IMG_1204

Play Dough:
1 1/2 Cups All Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup Salt
1 Tbsp Cream Of Tarter
1 Cup Boiling Water
Food Coloring

Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Grilled Cheese
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  1. Whole Grain Bread
  2. Plain Goat Cheese
  3. Shredded Parmesan
  4. Italian Seasoning
  5. Sliced Prosciutto
  6. Butter
  1. Spread Goat Cheese on the bread, sprinkle with Italian seasoning, and place two slices of prosciutto on. top with second slice of bread. Grill in a buttered pan until both sides are golden.
  2. Place shredded parmesan cheese on top of the sandwich and broil in the oven until cheese is slightly browned.
Roasted Red Pepper Soup
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  1. 1lb Red Bell Peppers
  2. 1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes
  3. Olive Oil
  4. 1 Tbsp Garlic
  5. 2 Cups Milk
  6. 1 Tbsp Oregano
  7. Salt and pepper
  8. Optional: Parmesan Cheese To Garnish
  1. Place peppers and tomatoes on a cookies sheet and sprinkle with olive oil and salt. Mix with your hands to coat. Place in a 500 degree over until the outsides are nice and brown.
  2. Take out of the oven and cut off the tops of the peppers.
  3. In a soup pot drizzle in a table spoon of olive oil and on medium heat sauté garlic. Add in Milk, oregani and Roasted peppers and tomatoes. Let cook on medium for 10 minutes. Blend in a blender.
  4. Serve warm with salt and pepper and optional cheese.
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2 Minute French Toast In a Mug


Well Hello There! I’m just sitting here typing while all the babies are sleeping and watching some Total Divas on Hulu.   This show is definitely motivation to stay on the healthy band wagon.  It’s also motivation to workout… something I haven’t done in months. Yesterday I whipped up this easy 2 minute French toast […]

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Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast- Pancake Edition

healthy pancake thumb

  Can’t you see that it’s just raining, aint no need to go outside.  … Maybe we can sleep in, I’ll make you banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now. And we can pretend it all the time. Jack Johnson had the perfect song for my day yesterday.  I spent the day inside due […]

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It’s All About The Birds. Our DIY Bird Feeders. Spring Break Mom’s Way.

bird feeder thumb

            The kids had a little longer Easter break and were off school yesterday for the 5th day in a row. They were getting pretty antsy. I decided to keep them busy with some simple DIY’s we could do together. Little man took a nice long nap so it ended […]

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Get Healthy With Me: Bread Slice Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Cheese Sticks, and Flavored Water


        That’s a long title isn’t it? Well I’m not going to lie, this is going to be a long post. I hope those who celebrate Easter had a great one and for those who don’t, I hope yesterday was a great day!  I had a really great day with a all […]

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New Channel Trailer!

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Look who learned how to roll over… He needs to stop growing. Seriously. Well once he sleeps through the night anyway. Right now we are hanging out at 4am because someone is wide awake and ready to go. I’m working on so many videos and it’s really exciting. Every Sunday I’m going to have a […]

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I bought a cow


Vegans and vegetarians and any member of peta…. fair warning, you may not like this post. I have 3 children. I’m not gonna lie, I get a pretty good tax refund. And what do the cool kids do when they get a tax refund. #1 buy everything needed to start video blogging. #2 buy a […]

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