Summer Bucket List

Happy Monday everyone! Over the weekend between working (okay maybe while working shhh) a list of things I want to do with the kids this summer around St. Louis.  They are getting big enough to where they actually enjoy going out and experiencing things without being too much of a hassle for us parents. Let’s face it… babies and children under 3 don’t cooperate a lot of the time. Not to mention, since I’ve been working more we actually have money to go out and do things.  I know the saying is money can’t buy happiness but let’s face it, neither can poverty. So here we go…

St. Louis Zoo

Science Center

Magic House

City Museum

The Arch

6 Flags

Fox Theatre

Butterfly House

Botanical Gardens

The Muny

Chuck e Cheese

Incredible Pizza

Cardinals Game

Another Blues Game

Ice Skating

Walk around Soulard

Walk around the Loop

Elephant Rock

Mastodon State Park

Haun State Park

Eat at Ted Drews

Have a camp out in the back yard smores included




Braiden’s First Hockey Game

We took Braiden to his first hockey game last night! It was mine also.  We had a blast and Braiden even slept with his hockey puck souvenir.  He’s even more excited to start playing.



Here’s to family time and many more games!  (Monday on the blog will be my yoga post and Tuesday I’m making a summer bucket list for the family!) I’m back people :) Have a great weekend!


Let Me….

Hello. So yesterday I came out with the fact that I really want to try and work on myself more.  I think everyone has this want in one way or another.  There are so many things we (I) want to do in life and so many things I want to accomplish and learn.  Why is […]

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Is working on yourself okay after recovery?


I know it’s officially spring and all but it was cold as all get out yesterday.  I’m seriously ready for this seasonal depressed mood to go away.  Okay maybe I’m not depressed but there’s no better mood booster than spring weather.  We got a little too excited over the weekend and planted our first flower […]

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I know I lknow


I know, I know… I’ve been terrible. Last week was super busy but I’m adjusting to the working world pretty good. After a fast paced week I had a great Friday night and Saturday day and got some quality time in with the kids and also got some spring cleaning done.  However, I did endure […]

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Changes again.


Hello! Long time no talk. I know it’s been forever and I apologize. I’ve been enjoying the last couple weeks.  Scarlet started day care, I picked up some extra shifts at the Y and I’ve been really just trying to enjoy the simple things in life.  I start my new job today!  I’m nervous, excited, […]

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One more week

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone.  I’m taking one more week off blogging and then I’ll be back. I promise!  Thinking about you guys!

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Work in Progress


So, I apologies once again for being a bad blogger.  Last week, even though I was really busy my week was pretty boring.  I honestly just had a really bad case of writers block.  I couldn’t think of anything to talk to you guys about!   My new job has been pushed back to starting March […]

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Scarlet’s First Day Of School

before 009

 The past week we’ve gotten a taste of spring around this joint.  Even though it’s supposed to get cold again, the vitamin D has helped with everyone’s mood.  The kids were finally able to get out side for a couple hours.  The first thing they do is climb the tree in the front yard.   […]

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