I’m not sure how you guys feel but this week has been the slowest week of my entire life. Dramatic much? Yes.
I’m excited to be moving in a different direction soon and working harder on my blog and my happiness.
I think as we grow and our life changes sometimes we lose who we really are what who we really want to be. When you have kids it’s important for you to not lose your own identity but to have your kids add to it, not take over it.

I really want to focus on this both before and after the birth of my third child.

I don’t really know where this is going today but I’m feeling just kind of


Now back to the random posting… Man I feel like a downer but it’s out and let’s move on to happy things!


These babies get me through a hard day at work.  They’ve been one of my favorites since I was little.


This sugar mania must be stopped! To be honest, lately I’ve been eating a ton of junk. (Could this be affecting my mood also? Hmm) I feel like the only vegetables I eat are my extra pickles and onions on my burgers. (I love me some pickles and onions.) I think this week is a mixture of “I’ll be back in the gym next week so this is my last week of eating terrible chemical filled foods.” And a mixture of, “I’m pregnant and I’m hungry!”


How can I not be happy with this girl in my life. Seriously, I want to sweeze her. I can not wait to have a whole year with her at home before she starts preschool.


One more.

I actually wrote a whole post and ended up deleting it before I hit the publish button. Maybe when the time comes I’ll let it all out but for now, I need to focus on all my blessings.


P.s. randomness. I found the stroller I want. Pretty sure it will be a must for me to have both a single jogging stroller and a double.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

The scale


I had my 21 week doctors appointment yesterday and everything looks great. It’s for sure a BOY and I’ve gained 2lbs since the start. Judging by how much ove been eating this past week, that will probably change soon. We came home and celebrated by making peanut butter cookies. Scarlet waiting patiently. After this week […]

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It’s a!!!!! Real Gender Reveal.


  It’s a…………….             Boy!!!  Braiden is really excited to have a brother. Scarlet on the other hand…..   She actually is happy now. We have some names we think we like but we’ve decided not to tell anyone until the he comes.

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Coming soon


We find out the sex of the baby today!!! Stay tuned tomorrow for the results! What is your guess?

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Half my life


You know your pregnant when you start pulling weeds in your garden and get sad because you feel sorry for them. I mean, they’re just plants trying to grow too. Who decided they were ugly? Yeah… I have issues. Happy Friday. I’m ready to get the kids back tomorrow. It’s been such a beautiful week […]

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Just fyi- try it


It’s Thursday already. I’m glad that time goes by fast when the kids are gone. I keep thinking of all the things I want to do with them when they get home. Since I’ve been so boring this week we decided to get out of the house a little bit last night.  Coupon at chipotle. […]

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I think we should add something to the curriculum


Something Dr. Phil said yesterday:  You think about the situation you think you deserve in your mind and then you create it in your surroundings. So true. It kind of goes with my favorite quote from Perks of Being a Wallflower: We accept the love we believe we deserve. I think in school we should […]

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From my couch


Hello. I’m blogging today in my pjs on my phone from my couch this morning. I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. I fell asleep at 7:30. This baby hasn’t been very nice to me. We find out the sex next Wednesday. Ove just been check out awesome baby gear online. I feel like the […]

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Keeping busy


There was a slight mix up this weekend and we ended up having the kids all weekend. I made sure to keep them busy. Friday night we had a blast at my mom’s house doing some small fireworks in the back yard. I also got one of my most favorite foods… Saturday morning the kids […]

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