The only thing I accomplished

It’s 4am and I’m writing this post while hanging out with Jax. I’ve been night dreaming about coffee since 2. Coffee gives me a warm fuzzy feeling now a days. Natural Vanilla creamer….. oh yes.
Remember how I said I was going to be productive yesterday?  Just about the only thing I accomplished was putting on a pair of jeans instead of yoga pants for the first time in over 9 months.


Do you see those dark circles under my eyes? That’s with makeup. I also managed to wash and dry all the laundry I was behind on. Today’s task is folding and putting away.


This little guy.
Braiden had his Christmas concert last night. Which means 3 more days and I’m not getting out of my pajamas more than twice the next month.


Where’s Waldo Braiden?


I think this is our first family picture. 
This is really short and sweet today. I’m going to go make some coffee and start packing lunches.

Couple more days

Christmas concert tonight and a couple more days before I get to hibernate with my kids.


She had her first recital Saturday. 
I’m so lucky that Josh’s mom is in town this week to help me out. She has taken Braiden to school for me and took the kids to see the reindeer last night.


Santa was there too.


They’ve gotten to see Santa twice this year. Three times if you count the time he pooped in at the hospital when I was in labor and talked to then in the waiting room. 


It’s amazing how much you can do on such little sleep. I don’t know how I keep going. Coffee helps. That’s for sure.  Today I must be productive.  Did you know there is only 9 days left until Christmas?  I have so much to do.
I’m making a lot of gifts this year. 


This is my favorite face.
Short and sweet and random today because I am one tired lady.

The birth story


Okay so I’m finally sitting down to write the birth story before I forget what all happened. My labor was actually pretty uneventful and super easy. I feel like everyone makes too big of a deal when it comes to labor and all it does is scare the crap out of first time moms. I […]

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So this little guy turned a week old yesterday.  I had a little photo session with him yesterday morning.  I managed to get this one picture before he pooped all over everything.  Seriously. The little stinker. I could have tried to get more but I was already exhausted,  I gave up. Even Bellie the elf […]

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Goals and stuff


I promise I’ll get around to writing the birth story soon. We’ve been busy hanging out on the couch. I know I look super tired but look at that face! Yes, very tired. This little girl loves her brother.  Between Josh,  Scarlet, and me being home all day… there are a lot of fights over […]

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Co sleeping


What’s the point of sad Christmas songs? I don’t get it. Is the point to make an over emotional girl who just had a baby cry in the store at 8:30 am while she desperately searches for a shirt that will match the rest of her dance daughters dance class? Stupid. Just plain stupid.  This […]

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Things I forgot


Good morning,  good morning.  Last night was another looooong night. I don’t know why little man doesn’t want to sleep or eat at night.  The hardest part is of getting up so much is taking care of the other kids during the day. I just have to make it to Christmas break. We have two […]

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Our first night home.


Coming home from the hospital Saturday meant I got to sleep in my nice soft bed, watch all my recorded shows, and hang out with visitors. His cute little outfit to come home in. It also meant no nurses to wait on me and no nursery to care for baby while I got some much […]

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Going home


We are coming home today. Jaxon is just as healthy as ever and yesterday we had a couple visitors stop by to see us. Both kids are in love with their new baby brother. I can already tell how big of helpers they will be. Of course we couldn’t stop taking pictures of the handsome […]

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