Cannoli French Toast

Oh, back to school. Back to school. (If you sang that in your head as Billy Madison… we need to be friends.)

Hey there.  Want to hear something crazy? Braiden starts second grade today.  Crazy.  27 years old and I have a second grader. Good. Grief. He’s growing up fast.

He is a little nervous to start at a new school but his teacher sent this home at open house to read before bed last night and I thought it was adorable.

He really liked it too.


I thought this next recipe would be a perfect fit for the occasion.  Not that my child actually ate it.  His breakfast of choice for he first day of school was a good ol’ Toaster Strudel but he did say this French toast was great though so I guess I’ll make it I the win column.  I thought it was pretty damn good myself so, yes… in the win column.

cannoli french toast


 I’m not gonna lie, I made these at 9pm last night for this blog post. So I can contest that these are also good for Brinner.  I’m just going to stop talking now and give you the recipe.  Cool? Cool. I also included a little video for you down below because I’m nice like that. No need to thank me.  See you tomorrow and let me know if you try it.


 P.S. My recipe card plug in isn’t working right now for some reason so I’ll convert it into a printable card once I figure it out.  I tell you, I leave for three months and everything just falls apart!

Cannoli French Toast

* 2 Eggs

* 2 Teaspoons Vanilla, divided

* 2 Tbsp Milk

* 4 oz Cream Cheese

* 1/2 Cup Ricotta Cheese

* 2 Tbsp Sugar

* 3 Tbsp Honey

* 2 Tbsp Mini Chocolate Chips

Slices of Bread

Using a cup or cookie cutter cut the bread into circles and cut off the crust. Roll slightly with a rolling pin to flatten.
mix together eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and milk in a bowl and whisk together.
Dip bread in the egg mixture on both sides and place in a buttered frying pan until golden brown on each side. Medium high heat is best. takes around 2 minutes on each side.

In a separate bowl mix together cream cheese, ricotta cheese, sugar, vanilla, honey, and mini chocolate chips.  Mix with a fork until all combined.
 Using a spoon, piping bag, or plastic bag, put a line of filling into the center of each circle bread slice.  Fold in edges.  Top with melted chocolate, syrup, honey, or maple syrup if you’d like.




Getting Settled Randomness

Ready for some randomness?

Braiden’s first day of school was officially a success.  After have a bit of a crazy morning because we thought we missed the bus, drove around trying to figure out drop off schedule at his new school, ended up coming home because Scarlet didn’t put shoes on and I didn’t notice, and then realizing that he really didn’t miss the bus.  The bus we had seen pass earlier was for 6th grade and up.  So yeah… other than that it was a success.

20150818-2138154444 (1)

Yes, I was totally one of those moms with the camera up in their child’s face the whole morning and contributed to the mass amounts of first day of school pictures in your Facebook feed.






 Now that Braiden is back in school I feel like things are getting a little bit more settled and I can get into a better routine. 

 I’m starting to decorate the new house a little more and things are starting to feel like home.



 I’m trying to figure out what type of art work needs to go on this wall.  So far though, I like how the room is coming together.


My mom made me this and it goes perfectly in the living room. I’m absolutely in love with it.

For a little more random thoughts in my head… I will admit I have a hard time pulling myself away from Pinterest every day.   It’s my weakness.


I’m kind of in love with this. Would make an awesome tattoo if you’re into that kind of thing.

When someone is nasty or treats you poorly, don't take it personally.  It says nothing about you but a lot about them.

What Sally says about Susie says more of Sally than of Susie.  True Story.

My mother taught me that nothing is impossible.  Nothing.  You may not do it as well as the next person, but you CAN do it. #believe #ithinkican #watchmedoit

end of story.  See you tomorrow.





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