9 weeks

Hey!  Happy Monday. This weekend was the first weekend I’ve had off in a very very long time. It was fabulous. I got a new phone! It’s much easier to talk to you guys in the 21at century. Although I have to say this new shiny space ship isn’t as cool looking as my old rugby with the battery taped to the back.


Since I’ve been so sick the last couple weeks I’ve really been trying to find joy in the one thing I can eat… Cereal.  I haven’t had this much sugary cereal from my childhood since.   Well, my childhood. And guess what? I dont hate it.  IMAG0010_BURST002

Frosted mini wheats and smacks were the best life decision I’ve ever made.

Saturday night Josh and I got Chinese because it sounded really good to me at the time.  I ended up getting something totally different than I usually do.  Hot and sour soup, which is broth based so it was easy on my stomach, and a side of noodles.  I can not begin to tell you how excited I was to see that the noodles came in the traditional old school Chinese containers.  I had to ask for chop sticks and my experience was complete.


Chinese out of the container with chops sticks PLUS…. A Scrubs marathon… Epic night.


It’s my mission in life right now to watch every single episode of Scrubs on Netflix.  I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen them all but they never get old.  It really makes me want to become a nurse. I bet all hospitals are like theirs.

A miracle happened yesterday… I woke up…. and didn’t want to vomit!  Yaye.  I did get a little woozy here and there after I ate breakfast and got up and moving but it was in no way like the last couple weeks.  I think the end may be around the corner!  I sure hope so anyway. Then I can get back to making delicious meals, working out again, and just you know…. be normal.

How was you weekend?

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  1. Ugh how I remember that constant nauseous feeling. All I did was eat to keep it away. I would wake up at 3:00 am just to eat a bowl of cereal to feel better and then go back to bed…and then get up to have breakfast (and then another breakfast and then look for lunch around 9:00 am lol)

  2. Frosted mini wheats are my jam! At least you’re getting some protein and calcium with milk in your cereal right?? Haha my first trimester I lived off crackers and toast – no nutrition’!

    • Yeah I’ve been using almond milk. and I try to sneak veggies in wherever I can! I’ve been eating pizza a lot lately and I always get the veggie kind. And then in my soup there was a lot of mushrooms and stuff. I’m hoping it’s starting to get better now because I really need a big ol salad!

  3. Yay for not throwing up! ;-)
    I’ve been wanting take out Chinese in boxes for so long!!
    My weekend was good. It went by way too fast..doesn’t it always?

  4. Gosh I’ve missed all your pregnancy updates so far! Ugh, I’m sorry. You look beautiful!