I Sniff My Daughter

Pregnancy dreams are so crazy and vivid. Last night I dealt with mean Alaskan Huskies, got a leg of lamb thrown at me by a moving car and got my own car (which was a super sweet convertible) completely stripped down by mean people. Not to mention my new phone broke somewhere during all that. My subconscious mind is weirder than my conscious mind… that’s scary.

This is something I would totally do. Found on pinterest.


Have I told you guys what an amazing sister I have? I was sitting at work one day nauseous and moody when in pops my little sister with a huge stash of pregnancy goodies. I don’t know what I would do without her.

I have not worked out in a good 3 months. To be honest, the thought of it makes me sick. Right now I’m just living vicariously through my blogger friends.

Random fact about me… My favorite smell is sunscreen.  It reminds me of getting excited and ready to go to the lake when I was a kid. So when Scarlet came home from daycare smelling like it…. I couldn’t stop sniffing her.



What’s your favorite smell?  Is it weird I have one?

Anyone with kids have weird pregnancy dreams?



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  1. Currently my favorite smell is Epicurean’s Tropical Lave body wash that I got in my Pop Sugar resort box. It smells like amazing Hawaiian tropical goodness and I can’t get enough of it!

  2. Those are some crazy dreams! I have weird and vivid dreams all the time!
    I totally know what you mean about the smell of sunscreen! I bought some not too long ago and felt like, “Aah, summer fun is here!” :-)