If I had a dollar

The temperature here in Missouri changes as fast and dramatic and my moods have been lately. (Read: Preggo Mood Swings are scary) It seems as though we have decided Spring is no longer an option and to just jump ahead to Summer. Even though it makes me a little sad, this is kind of a good thing.  You see, I have these incredible pregnant people hot flashes already so it will be nice when I can jump in the pool once they hit.  Right now I just hang out in front of the refrigerator. I’m scared to see our next electric bill.

Slowly but surly food is starting to sound pretty good again and I’m hoping to get back to cooking one of these days along with getting back in the gym.  I technically went to the gym yesterday but it was to just supervise the back and make sure no one got hurt. (In case you need to pass out, pass out near me… I’m first responder certified.)


Words cannot explain how excited I was to see this girl. I really miss our daily workouts together. This whole working for a living is the pits.


I swear… If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if Braiden was my little brother, I’d be one rich mama. You’d think they would be able to tell he’s my son by my maturity. Sheesh.


The temp was absolutely perfect last night and so I forced the kids to play outside with me.


I’m beginning to question is Scarlet really belongs to me for if there was a mix up at the hospital. She ate a half of a watermelon yesterday. You could not pay me to eat that stuff. Yuck.


Cottage cheese and pineapple… Oh yeah it was everything I remembered and more.

I’m feeling back to my old self lately. Not just my non sick self but my writing is back to me, my mood is back, (besides the swings that happen from time to time) and I just feel like I’m me again. Maybe I’m starting to get over the shock of being pregnant. Maybe I’m just becoming a happier, stronger person in general. Who knows but it’s good to be back.

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  1. Haha I have a brother who is 16 years younger than me, and if I had a dollar for every time someone called him my son, I’d be rich as well! It got even worse after I actually had my own daughter. Then people would just assume they’re brother and sister. Glad that your nausea is starting to go away! According to my doc, my situation has finally reached Zofran status, and it seems to be helping a bit!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better!

    • Thanks! I may have jumped the gun because last night was terrible. but I think it’s slowly getting better!

  3. Whaa?? You don’t like watermelon?? I think you are the first person I’ve ever heard of that doesn’t like watermelon. :-) but that’s ok. We can still be blends.
    I’m happy to see you’re feeling better!

    • I’ve never liked watermelon. My mom used to have to cut it up and put it away before I came back in the house. I couldn’t even stand the smell as a kid!