lessons on how to be cool

Something pretty amazing happened to me yesterday morning.  I woke up for the second day in a row NOT nauseous.  I was a dream come true. There were so many things I wanted to eat. I was going to shy away from the sugary cereal because I’ve been eating so much of it but when I pulled out this box and noticed that these honey combs came with marshmallows… my mind was blown and I couldn’t resist. Honey combs and marshmallows= pure genius.

I went grocery shopping Sunday and my on and off again nauseous was what determined what food I brought home.  We have enough pudding ups, cereal, and pizza to feed this preggo for a month.

Sometimes it gets kinda lonely where I work.  I’m the only paralegal in the office so much of my time is spent talking to myself and figuring out when I’m going to eat next and what. (which may be why this post is all about food.)


Lean cuisine French bread pizza will always remain in my favorite top 5 foods.  Pizza on a big huge slice of bread?  What is better? Very few things I tell ya. Very few.

I have mastered the best way to eat these things. (Don’t judge.)  You must first scrape off the toppings.  Then you eat the bread with sauce on it with 1001 jalapenos.

You save all of the toppings and a couple jalapenos for the last bite. Heaven.   Lord help me if I get heart burn during the pregnancy. I’ve already given up diet coke, if you take my jalapenos away I may murder someone.  Good thing I work for a lawyer. (obviously, I’m kidding)


After work I was really craving a salad. Okay okay… I was craving croutons. You can’t tell me you’ve never dreamt about eating a cruton salad. If you did , I wouldn’t believe you. I felt bad not having any green in my “salad” so I fixed that with some more jalapenos.


In the evening, Scarlet and I got to go to a mother daughter dinner.  It was adorable. The theme was a taste of Italy.


Before I went I had to get a mother son picture so no one felt left out. I’m really not sure why I always look 12 in all my pictures.


Before we left Scarlet wanted to make sure I didn’tembarrass her so she gave me a lesson on how to be cool.  I’m still learning.

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  1. So adorable. I’m glad you have such a cutie to teach you how to be cool! ;) Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Such cute photos! So good that she can teach you how to be cool ;) hehe If I have kids I’m sure they will teach me too!

    • Thanks! I’ve never been in the cool crowd. Too bad i didn’t have her by my side when I was in elementary school